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Cheerleading Teams



Baby Stars Rec

Age 3 

Tiny Prep Pink BOSS

Age 4 & 5



Sparkle Level 1 

Ages 5 - 6



Queens Level 1

Ages 5 - 8



Dream Girls Level 1

SassyKatz Level 3

Ages 6 - 11



Majesty Level 2

Divas Level 3

Ages 7 - 14



Royalty Level 1

Gemz Elite Level 5

Ages 11 - 18

Recreational Programs

Cheer Fuzion All-Star program focus on 5 principles of cheerleading which are: stunting, tumbling, dance, cheers and jumps in a fun and positive environment.
No experience is needed! 

There is a spot for every child * No-risk trial, enroll anytime! 
For further class information, price and registration please email us at cfcheer.fusion@gmail.com

Recreational CHEER

Recreational Cheer Teams

Flawless & Pink Popsicles

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a cheerleader?

Are you nervous about trying cheerleading?

Cheerleading is a sport which includes all the art and talent of dance, tumbling, cheers, jumps and stunting. Cheerleading also helps to develop physical fitness while working with a team.

We will teach you the basics on how to stunt, jump, dance and tumble. 

No previous experience is required because we will be starting with the basics. 

Just get ready to have fun!

  • No prior cheer experience necessary
  • Practice 1X a week on Sunday's
  • Tumbling included
  • Winter session begins January 19th to March 1st
  • Events such as clinics, and camps are optional

Free Cheer Class

Date: Sunday, January 19th


Flawless 2pm Age 5+

Pink Popsicles 3pm Ages 2.5 - 4

Please select register here to save your spot 


Under construction more information to follow.


This is a unique program designed specifically with kids' well-being in mind. Our goal is to promote a lifetime enthusiasm for exercise and physical activity in kids in a safe and fun fashion. We have designed workouts, circuits, and interval training that incorporate agility movements for coordination, games – to make it fun, cardiovascular and some strength training techniques. Age 6+ Class is offered on Tuesday  and Thursday.  


Our Tumbling program is developed to enhance the cheerleader who is looking to improve on all aspects of tumbling. The class duration is one hour. During the full hour, you will receive instruction on proper technique for tumbling. Instructors begin with the basics for example, cartwheels and round offs and move on according to the child’s perfection of the skill. Cheerleaders may tumble up to level 5 skills in their tumbling class with their instructors for example full twisting layouts or higher. Ages 3+ 


 Under construction more information to follow.